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March 2014




Welcome to Yahshua.info!

BETH EMET is the ministry represented by this website.

This website is currently in transition. For now, things will be very non-flashy and to the point. Updates will be infrequent and random, unless and until I have an income, and time to do this.


If you are here regarding the book "The Number 666", you may contact Ezra Bachman through the address below. If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, it is available HERE. If I can sell enough copies, I will be able to purchase an ISBN number (around $50), and then it will be available at bookstores everywhere.

The companion study for "The Number 666 (currently 25 pages) Is available now. It is a preview of the upcoming book. This particular study may become available from the bookpatch.com also, however it will be expensive because it has colored text... the .pdf will be free for now until I can bring the price down. This companion study is the basis for defining the difference between the Beast and the False prophet. It is not "complete" so the available .pdf is not the polished manuscript as the book. Once I have put the finishing touches on it, I will continue on to the expanded version of the current book, and will include the False Prophet, and the Image of the Beast.

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Please contact me (Or Ezra Bachman) at:

I will post articles in .pdf for download on the Articles page.

These articles will be concening issues aobut the pronunciation and importance of the proper name of HaMoshiach, but eventually expanding to other areas including the tetragrammaton YHWH and it's pronunciation and importance. I have articles on Sukkot, and x-mas as well.

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About Yahshua.info


This is the current website for

- Beth Emet
- Ezra Bachman

Yahshua.info is intended to provide clarification on the importance and propriety of the Name of our Messiah.


Beth Emet is NOT a 401c3 or anything like that. We are not connected to US Gov in any way. Please help this ministry to publish the word of truth.


If this ministry can become self supporting, I will devote 100% of my time to publishing articles and books like THE NUMBER 666.

The expanded version covering the Beast, The False Prophet, and the Image of the Beast is in progress, but publish date will depend heavily on contributions from you.

I sincerely thank you for your support.